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A Broken Heart is episode 28 and the fifth part of the Revenge of The Podcast miniseries. Posted 23 Oct 2015.


Griffin and David welcome another amazing guest this week, Sonia Saraiya (Salon, AV Club). Together, they examine the life and death of Padmé, including her pregnancy with what appears to be half a baby, insisting a child murderer still has some good in them, losing the will to live (medically-speaking), and Jimmy Smits’ amazing ship.

Is there any chemistry at all between Anakin and Padmé, or is there a better match for her right there on the screen? What's up with Padmé's wardrobe? Why do maternity-ward medical robots have scoop arms? Why is there a room with infinite CGI pillars?

Also, a tasty merchandise corner with snacks and the return of popular segment ‘What If.’ Please remember don’t listen to Griffin and keep rating, reviewing and commenting dear listeners.

Milestones and Ephemera

  • PRO 👏 SMITS 👏
  • New Ben Hosley nickname: The Peeper/Peeping Tom
  • Mozart. Tolstoy. Picasso. Griffin & David.
  • p.s. Producer Ben is also a genius.

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