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A Profile Of Jar Jar Binks And The Gungans is episode 6 and the sixth part of the The Phantom Podcast miniseries. Posted 28 Apr 2015.


In this episode, Griffin and David delve into the character we all know and love: Jar Jar Binks. How does an outcast of the Gungan society go on to save his people? The answer might just be tasteless comedy and a dash of racism.

Would Jar Jar Binks’ character be less offensive if developed as a noble savage rather than a goof that speaks exclusively in broken English? Did George Lucas really think he was gonna get away with it? Remember, Jar Jar is for kids, right?

Plus, Griffin talks merch where he spotlights the Jar Jar Binks Pez “handler,” and why Gragra is more deserving of our attention.

Of particular note: this is the episode in which Griffin first mentions and discusses his infamous 10th grade paper, entitled "Back in Blackface," where he attempted to write a paper that would examine and solve the history of racism in the United States. This was further discussed in later episodes as well, and Griffin even eventually found the paper during an apartment move and brought it into the podcast recording session for David and Ben to see.

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • Number of audio recordings played on air: 0
  • All men: Created equal
  • New Ben Hosley nickname: The Poet Laureate
  • Merchandise Spotlight!