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After Earth is episode 49 focusing on the movie of the same name, as part of the Pod Night Shyamacast miniseries covering the filmography of M. Night Shyamalan.


"James III (Black Men Can’t Jump In Hollywood Podcast) joins Griffin and David to discuss the incredibly dull, thinly veiled Scientology sci-fi, 2013’s After Earth. Beyond starring along side his son Jaden and being credited as a producer and original story writer, how else did Will Smith play a role in the making of this film? Does the timing of After Earth’s release have anything to do with Jaden’s emancipation from his parents? Is it possible for M. Night to ever work again after 5 sequential critical and commercial failures? Together they examine Will’s illustrious career up to After Earth, the development of Jaden’s stardom, having emotion, giving your monsters the ability to see and the duality of what is happening in this movie is happening in real life."[1]