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Alex Ross Perry is an American film director, screenwriter and actor. He has directed such films as Listen Up Philip, past Blankie Award honoree Queen of Earth, Golden Exits, and the new-in-2018 Her Smell. He also was the screenwriter of Christopher Robin. He can be found on Instagram, @alexrossperry.

Before he ever met #TheTwoFriends, Alex was one of the heavyweight competitors against their team at Videology Trivia contests. During his first Blank Check guest appearance they all reminisced about one of the trivia rounds where the teams had to identify studio-logo fanfares by audio only, including one that was only used on VHS home video releases... just deep-dive knowledge of serious movie trivia right there.

Alex was a guest for the Insomnia episode of The Pod Knight Casts miniseries after mutual friends alerted #TheTwoFriends that Alex was a Blank Check listener and fan. He said he was interested in talking about Insomnia due to his interest in directors' third films. He also offered up stories of his personal encounters with Christopher Nolan, including an on-stage interview with Alex about shooting his film Queen of Earth on 35mm film. Alex then appeared on the Podship Casters miniseries to talk about Hollow Man (he saw that movie twice on opening weekend!!) and in Podback Mountcast to discuss Taking Woodstock. He then remarked that his Blank Check specialty seemed to be talking about movies that were the most forgotten/overlooked entry in their auteur's filmography.

The term "blender" was coined by Alex and incorporated into the Blank Check lexicon after his first appearance on the show.

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