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Alien is a miniseries, primarily as part of the Blank Check: Special Features, covering the films of the Alien franchise.


The Alien commentary series was announced as the next commentary series on the Blank Check: Special Features Patreon in September 2020 following the Mission: Impossible series.[2] The Alien franchise was the runner up in the 2020 Special Features March Madness tournament.

During the course of the podcast, #TheTwoFriends covered one additional movie on the main feed as part of the Podinator: Judgment Cast miniseries on the films of James Cameron.

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • There was a drinking game created for the franchise. The rules are:
  1. Someone doesn't listen to Ripley
  2. Drippy pipe
  3. Close up of alien teeth
  4. Someone says "The Company"
  5. Someone dies [3]


# Title Audio Guest(s) Length Date Series
077 Aliens 🔊 Fran Hoepfner 2:09 10/1/2016 Podinator: Judgment Cast
Special Features
SF074 Alien 🔊 2:15 10/1/2020 Alien Commentaries
SF076 Aliens 🔊 2:31 10/21/2020
SF077 Alien³ 🔊 2:27 11/1/2020
SF079 Alien: Resurrection 🔊 2:17 11/21/2020
SF080 Prometheus 🔊 2:25 12/21/2020
SF082 Alien Covenant 🔊 2:20 12/21/2020


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