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Alien³ is episode 78 of Blank Check: Special Features as part of the Alien Franchise commentaries. Posted November 1, 2020.


We continue our Alien franchise commentary series with the third installment, Alien 3!

The movie starts at...18:38[1]

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • First watch for both Ben and Ang!
  • Fanfare featured on Talking Fanfare.
  • Behind the paywall, Griffin puts a childhood “friend” on blast.
  • David asks a particularly silly question: “Ben were you into Nine Inch Nails?”
  • Possibly the chain-iest movie they’ll ever cover on patreon or main feed.
  • Box-office game: Weekend of May 22, 1992


GRIFFIN: Let’s cal it. Let’s just say what Alien 3 is. What if the entire supporting cast was Karen’s boys with shaved heads.
DAVID: Seriously. It’s Karen going to the same whiteboard that James Cameron wrote on. She rubs off the dollar sign, and she’s just like “Ehh?!”—
ANG: No dollar sign.
DAVID: And they’re like “Uhhh…”—and she just puts a little 3.
GRIFFIN: It’s like Karen Han playing Supermarket Sweep with headshots from the Royal Theatre.
ANG: It's blood is made out of acid.
GRIFFIN: Hey— Hey, they buried the lead on this one.
DAVID: (disappointed) Oh boy.
ANG: Have you been waiting 2 hours to say that, Griffin?
GRIFFIN: I really buried the lead on this one.
ANG: (polite laughter)
GRIFFIN: They buried the lead. They buried the alien in lead.


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