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Aloha is episode 72 focusing on the movie of the same name, as part of the We Pod A Cast miniseries covering the filmography of Cameron Crowe. Posted August 26 2016.


Nearing the end of the Cameron Crowe mini series, Esther Zuckerman (The A.V. Club) joins Griffin and David to discuss the writer/director’s most recent theatrical release, 2015’s space militarization romantic comedy, Aloha. But doesn’t someone in Emma Stone’s camp look at this script and see at least a few red flags? Why is the movie set in Hawaii but features 99% white people? How do you make being a fighter pilot sound sexy if you’re a woman? Together, they examine Alec Baldwin’s yelling, defining gate blessings, why one can’t buy the sky and offer up their solutions to fix this film.[1]

"I’m never starting a movie again when the script is ridiculous and we all know it." --Amy Pascal, Sony Pictures president

What is this movie about? All together everybody: "It's about the sky."

Esther Zuckerman joins Griffin and David to talk about the legit-fascinating Aloha. Is this a case where a studio justifiably tried to cancel a blank check?

The casting for this movie got plenty of attention, in a bad way. And it gets plenty of attention here too -- to the tune of a 45-minute discussion before even getting to the movie itself. As an actor with empathy for another actor trying to develop their career, Griffin brings perspective to why Emma Stone may have taken this role when she did, and the public backlash that her casting inspired.

Where does Emma Stone's actual performance fit in, though? Is this movie the keystone for what Alec Baldwin's cultural role should be now? What did the Sony email hack reveal about the making of this movie? How in the world did this movie manage to make Bill Murray disappear? (Ben might have perked up at the mention of vaporwave here, until he realized Griffin had actually said 'vaporware.') What is Griffin's critical advice for Cameron Crowe the writer/director, going forward?

And finally: will #TheTwoFriends ever actually watch their most anticipated movie of 2015, Hot Pursuit? Only time will tell.

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