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Angela (Ang) Ferraguto (@MagnaFarta on Twitter, and her own website is a writer, producer, and comedian based in New York City. She first saw Blank Check in action as an intern at UCB, and later worked with several shows on the fledgling UCB podcast network.


Ang was the associate producer for the Blank Check podcast, and also handled social media management/outreach for the show including the official Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages. If you've interacted with BlankCheckPod in any of those places, it seems there's a fairly good chance Ang was behind it. Thanks in part to that inclusive online presence, the show has managed to make fans of some interesting and creative people in the film industry -- some have even later appeared on the podcast as featured guests. She left the pod at the end of November 2020. [1]

As social media lead for Blank Check, Ang consistently comes up with novel material to promote or tease upcoming episodes/miniseries, and engages blankies with discussions, questions, polls, etc. relating to the current episodes each week.

Ang is often a guest on other podcasts. For more information on those appearances, see Outside Podcast Appearances.

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This was part of a series of teasers for the RoboCop episode.
Angela Ferraguto, "she's a genius." --David Sims


These are Ang's credited appearances only. Much like Ben Hosley, she has become a fixture of the podcast and has contributed to many episodes, including Patreon commentaries.

Main Feed

# Title Audio Guest(s) Length Date Series
162 Josie and the Pussycats 🔊 Angela Ferraguto 2:21 5/6/2018 Guest's Choice
250 The Rise of Skywalker 🔊 Angela Ferraguto 2:29 12/22/2019 The Star Wars Sequels
251 Married to the Mob 🔊 Angela Ferraguto 2:18 1/5/2020 Stop Making Podcasts
257 Birds of Prey 🔊 Angela Ferraguto
Emma Stefansky
Ashleigh Heaton
Preeti Chhibber
2:14 2/16/2020 PodDCEU Cast

Special Features

# Title Audio Guest(s) Length Date Series
6 What Men Want 🔊 Angela Ferraguto 1:12 2/11/2019 Something's Podda Cast
25 The Keep RPG 🔊 Angela Ferraguto
Alex Ross Perry
Emily Yoshida
2:34 7/11/2019 Cast of the Podhicans


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