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Avatarland/The Second Blank Check Mailbag, is episode 139 and an everything bagel of an episode. It starts with coverage of Griffin's visit to Avatarland; the second part is devoted to a second serving of the Blank Check Mailbag, where Griffin and David answer questions sent to them by listeners. Due to the bifurcated episode structure this episode is filed as both a Standalone episode and a Podinator: Judgment Cast episode. Posted 10 Dec 2017.


#thetwofriends once again answer listener submitted questions! Plus, Griffin discusses his recent trip to Pandora – The World of Avatar at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. But how would Griffin and David fix Men in Black II? Does Avatar work better as a theme park or movie? Will beloved actor Dan Lewis really quit acting, and if so, what will he do instead? Together the hosts discuss how they would rank The Muppets movies, potential future Blank Check live shows, poutine and a garbage plate of other topics. Also, the debut of the Burger Report™ hotline 802-8-BURGER. This episode is sponsored by Mack Weldon. [1]

Good lord, Griffin loves theme parks. This discussion goes into great detail on Disney World's different park sections, what each tends to focus on, and why Avatarland is part of the Animal Kingdom section. Then he gets into the actual visiting experience he had with a couple of his fellow theme park fanatics, and how the rides went, what the lines were like, and even shares some recorded-live commentary from the park. Does Griffin have a new all-time favorite theme park ride? Does David understand the appeal, even a little bit?

Griffin Avatar outfit.jpg

And oh no, oh no, what is Griffin doing in the studio....

To finish up the segment, gifts! Ben got a crazy huge mountain mug that is awesome, and David... David is rendered speechless. He is stunned to discover that he is now the proud parent of a bouncing baby Na'vi.

In the back half of the episode, in response to rampant fan demand #TheTwoFriends launch the discussion with a public airing of their retroactive infamous and ingenious story pitch for Men In Black II. Followed by lots of listener questions and answers: What are their own favorites and least favorites among Blank Check episodes? How would they rank all the Muppet movies? Where do each of them stand on poutine?

This episode was sponsored by Mack Weldon. And thank goodness, because after removing all his Na'vi ceremonial garb Griffin was left cold and naked in the studio, in desperate need of quality clothing.

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • Griffin's impression of Daniel Day-Lewis: (listeners narrow eyes, purse lips)
  • Blank Check Live episodes: need more planning
  • Burger Report: via the hotline, from u/ilaughalone !
  • Ben's favorite Luis Guzman performance: Waiting