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Avengers: Infinity War is episode 31 of Blank Check: Special Features and a commentary episode on the Marvel Cinematic Universe film of the same name. Posted September 30, 2019.


Writer, comedian, actor and judge, John Hodgman, stops by Big Nice studios in New York City to discuss 2018's franchise game changer, Avengers: Infinity War!

Check out his new book Medallion Status (Oct. 15th) AND go see John live on his book tour coming to a city near you![1]

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • Movie starts at approximately 0:21:11.
  • Before the movie starts, lots of Medallion Status talk, Klonopin talk, and Tag talk.
  • Hodgman loves Branagh as Poirot.
  • Hodgman is with Griffin on Incredibles 2, David on Infinity War.
  • Loki: Whiny edgelord.
  • More talk of Benedict Wong's attendance of Talking Maul Live @ DCM19.
  • The first thing David learned to cook was a tuna melt.
  • Box office game: Weekend of April 27, 2018


Griffin: Kevin Smith, hire me to voice Orko.


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