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Basic Instinct is episode 145 focusing on the movie of the same name, as part of the Podship Casters miniseries covering the Hollywood years of Paul Verhoeven. Posted January 28, 2018.


Film critic Miriam Bale joins Griffin and David to discuss 1992’s sexy thriller, Basic Instinct. But what about the dialogue gives away this is a Eszterhas script? Does Jeanne Tripplehorn always play herself? Where are there cowboy bars in San Francisco? Together they examine the careers of Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone, ice picking, the infamous leg crossing scene and poor Beth. [1]

Miriam Bale, film critic extraordinaire, is on the mic with Griffin and David to discuss the infamous film-noir erotic thriller, Basic Instinct. Together they examine the careers of Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone, ice picking, the infamous leg crossing scene and poor Beth.

The Dutch cinematographer Jan de Bont - the same one that worked on the infamous Roar! where he was also severely injured - helmed the lens on this movie. It was to be the last project on which he worked with Verhoeven before he himself moved on to directing with Speed and Twister. Did he go out with guns blazing on this movie? The stunningly beautiful Jeanne Tripplehorn made her big-screen debut here - is she an actress or more of a personality? A pre-Seinfeld Wayne Knight ably plays a very sweaty cop - who watched his performance in this movie and immediately cast him to do pretty much the exact same thing in a giant blockbuster?

This was the final screen acting appearance for the former Oscar-winner Dorothy Malone, and Miriam notes the performance in particular; a few weeks after this episode was recorded Malone passed away. RIP.

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • Workin' on his tight five: Producer Ben
  • DVD extras: an actual ice pick
  • Deserving of at least an "Introducing..." billing: Jeanne Tripplehorn
  • Kahlua, Scotch, triple sec, and lemon juice: a blackjack


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