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Batman (also known as #NotAllBatmen) is a miniseries as part of the Blank Check: Special Features covering the remaining Batman movies.


#TheTwoFriends have dipped their toes into the dark waters of some Batmen, and beginning in May 2022 they will sink their fangs into the remaining theatrical releases!

Milestones and Ephemera[]


This list comprises all Batmen. The Patreon commentary series is called #NotAllBatMen.

# Title Audio Guest(s) Length Date Series
053 Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice πŸ”Š 0:43 4/22/2016 PodDCEU Cast
117 Batman Begins πŸ”Š 1:59 7/16/2017 The Pod Knight Casts
119 The Dark Knight πŸ”Š 2:09 7/30/2017
121 The Dark Knight Rises πŸ”Š 2:00 8/13/2017
198 Batman πŸ”Š K. Austin Collins 2:00 1/6/2019 Podward Scissorcast
201 Batman Returns πŸ”Š Emily Yoshida 2:03 1/27/2019
Special Features
SF135 Batman (1966) πŸ”Š 2:12 5/1/2022 #NotAllBatMen Commentaries
SF137 Batman: Mask of the Phantasm πŸ”Š 1:36 5/21/2022
SF138 Batman Forever πŸ”Š 2:31 6/1/2022
SF140 Batman & Robin πŸ”Š 2:16 6/21/2022
The Lego Batman Movie
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
The Batman

Ranking The Franchise[]

At the conclusion of the miniseries, the Blankies rankings will compiled from a voting thread found on the r/Blankies sub-reddit.