Episode #089[edit | edit source]


A compilation of Griffin, David, and Ben's favorite moments from the The Phantom Podcast miniseries. Posted 1 Jan 2017.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Three "Best Of" episodes were compiled by Producer Ben Hosley, as a way to give new listeners to the podcast an introduction to the show's history and origins. These three extra-long episodes covered The Phantom Podcast miniseries, the Attack Of The Podcast miniseries, and the Revenge Of The Podcast miniseries. They appeared back to back to back in January 2017, and serve to document a truly heroic feat of editing.

This first "Best Of" covers the first miniseries of the podcast, all about Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Again, it cannot be overemphasized how good a job Producer Ben did in creating this episode, with an end result that is sequenced well and actually flows smoothly too. Given the rambling nature of any typical episode of the show, it is quite an accomplishment.

Some of the clips were chosen at the suggestion of listeners. At the end is a supercut of TC-14 talk.

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