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Big Fish is episode 207 focusing on the movie of the same name, as part of the Podward Scissorcast miniseries covering the films of Tim Burton. Posted March 10, 2019.


Chris Gethard (Beautiful/Anonymous podcast) returns to Blank Check to discuss 2003's father and son fantasy, Big Fish. And also, to talk about Star Wars some more. But does Big Fish's ending pay out like a slot machine? Was 2003 the year Steven Spielberg and Tim Burton culturally flip-flopped? What are some of the nerd perks offered at the new Star Wars hotels? Together, they spend 2+ hours examining the performances of the cast including Albert Finney and Billy Crudup, motorcycle cages, which vignette to cut out of this movie, and of course Mr. Soggybottom.

Plus, be sure to grab copy of Chris Gethard's new book, Lose Well! [1]

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