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Bilge Ebiri is a Turkish-American journalist and filmmaker.


Currently, Ebiri is working for The Village Voice. His first feature film, a comedy thriller entitled New Guy, was released in 2004. [1]

Bilge was a guest for the Dunkirk episode of Blank Check. It was one of the more analytical episodes for which his expertise and intelligent commentary were very well suited for.


Main Feed

# Title Audio Guest(s) Length Date Series
124 Dunkirk 🔊 Bilge Ebiri 2:11 9/3/2017 The Pod Knight Casts
229 Blackhat 🔊 Bilge Ebiri 2:09 8/4/2019 Cast of the Podhicans
268 Lorenzo's Oil 🔊 Bilge Ebiri 2:19 4/26/2020 Mad Pod: Fury Cast


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