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Birds of Prey (also known as Pods of Prey and the Castabulous Emancipation of One Ang Ferraguto) is episode 257 focusing on the 2020 film of the same name, as part of the podcast's continuing coverage of the The PodDCEU Cast. The episode guest hosted by Angela Ferraguto. Posted February 16, 2020.


No boys allowed, although gender is a construct. It's an all-women special! Ang Ferraguto is joined by Emma Stefansky, Ashleigh Heaton, and Preeti Chhibber. This PodSkwad is NOT here to complain about Star Wars, but to talk about this women-powered DC movie full of hammers and hair ties, fun guns and fun outfits, and women helping women by kicking ass. How can you tell this was made by a woman? And which psychopaths are Griffin and David? #Let men have nipples. [1]

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