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Blank Check with Griffin and David (@blankcheckpod on Twitter) is a film podcast where #TheTwoFriends, Griffin Newman and David Sims, examine the filmographies of famous directors and determine the moment when they got a "Blank Check". This is a wiki for information on the hosts, producers, Benducers, inside jokes, director discussions and featured guests.

March Madness 2021 and Special Features March Madness 2021 have crowned this year's champions! Check the pages to see how John Carpenter and The Twilight Saga, respectively, charted their paths to victory during an entire month of battles royale.


Current Miniseries:
They Podcast
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Griffin Newman
tangents ahead

David Sims
(chimes ring in the distance)

Ben Hosley
the pro-doer


Star Wars Beginning date
The Phantom Podcast Star Wars Ep. I: The Phantom Menace March 2015
Attack Of The Podcast Star Wars Ep. II: Attack Of The Clones June 2015
Revenge Of The Podcast Star Wars Ep. III: Revenge Of The Sith September 2015
All Other Star Wars The OT, Holiday Special, sequels, etc. December 2015
Directors' filmographies Beginning date
Pod Night Shyamacast M. Night Shyamalan January 2016
The Podchowski Casters the Wachowski siblings April 2016
We Pod A Cast Cameron Crowe June 2016
Podinator: Judgment Cast James Cameron September 2016
Pod Me If You Cast Steven Spielberg: post-Oscar January 2017
The Pod Knight Casts Christopher Nolan June 2017
Pod-19: The Widowcaster Kathryn Bigelow September 2017
Podship Casters Paul Verhoeven: the Hollywood years January 2018
Podcast News James L. Brooks March 2018
The Podcastibles Brad Bird May 2018
Podback Mountcast Ang Lee July 2018
Something's Podda Cast Nancy Meyers October 2018
Podward Scissorcast Tim Burton December 2018
Cast of the Podhicans Michael Mann May 2019
Howl's Moving Podcastle Hayao Miyazaki August 2019
Stop Making Podcasts Jonathan Demme November 2019
Mad Pod: Fury Cast George Miller March 2020
You've Got Podcast Nora Ephron June 2020
Pod & Basketcast Gina Prince-Bythewood August 2020
Podcast Away Robert Zemeckis September 2020
The Poddle Mercast Musker & Clements February 2021
The Podbreak Cast Elaine May April 2021
Podz n the Cast John Singleton May 2021
They Podcast John Carpenter August 2021
Other / Palate Cleansers Beginning date
The PodDCEU Cast DC Extended Universe films 7 episodes
Ben's Choice/Guest's Choice selections by Producer Ben & guests 12 episodes
Standalones/Miscellaneous one-offs, mailbags, 'Blankie' awards, & more 19 episodes

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