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Bobby Finger is a writer and the co-host of the Who Weekly podcast. He has been on staff at Jezebel and contributed at and New York Magazine, among other outlets. After his incise and critical daily blog "Megyn Kelly Today, Today" came to the attention of the folks at NBC, he even graciously appeared once on the morning show of Megyn Kelly (R.I.P., morning show of Megyn Kelly...)

He can be found on Twitter at @bobbyfinger. It is rumored that he also ran the tongue-in-cheek @WEBOUGHTAZ00 account on twitter, referenced in the We Bought A Zoo episode, though that has not been confirmed.


Bobby is a long-time friend of Griffin Newman, and Griffin has said that even among all the people he's encountered that make their living exclusively in comedy, Bobby is the funniest person he knows.

As a guest on the Cloud Atlas episode of Blank Check after requesting that movie specifically. The multiple roles played by each of the actors - and the lengthy running time of the film - gave them ample material to discuss. During the episode, whenever Bobby let loose a particularly sharp line Griffin would say "You got Fingered!" and #TheTwoFriends requested that Producer Ben overlay a sweet guitar riff sample. They liked the result so much that it led to the establishment of "Fingered" as a recurring inside-joke bit on the show ever since. At the end of the Cloud Atlas episode Bobby also contributed to the first "Orange Twist File" segment (a variant on The Burger Report).  

After a long absence from the show, Blankies were pleased to get Fingered more than 100 episodes later; Bobby was a guest on the Something's Gotta Give episode after once again being given free rein to choose whatever movie he wanted for the current miniseries. He made his selection to come on and discuss Nancy Meyers' first real blank check movie, and how amazing it is to watch Diane Keaton essentially play the part of Nancy Meyers.  

His first novel, The Old Place, comes out in September 2022 from Penguin Random House.


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# Title Audio Guest(s) Length Date Series
58 Cloud Atlas 🔊 Bobby Finger 1:40 5/19/2016 The Podchowski Casters
189 Something's Gotta Give 🔊 Bobby Finger 2:17 10/28/2018 Something's Podda Cast
261 Ricki and the Flash 🔊 Bobby Finger
Lindsey Weber
2:04 3/15/2020 Stop Making Podcasts
280 You've Got Mail 🔊 Bobby Finger
Lindsey Weber
2:12 7/12/2020 You've Got Podcast