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Caged Heat/Crazy Mama/Fighting Mad is episode 244 focusing on the three earliest films of Jonathan Demme: Caged Heat (1974), Crazy Mama (1975), and Fighting Mad (1976). Posted November 10, 2019.


It’s the first episode of a new mini-series. You voted for him, you’ve only yourself to blame for JONATHAN DEMME. Probably one of the directors with the most range of films - from rom coms to serious dramas - Griffin and David start with the first three of his films, each a strange genre movie: Caged Heat about a prison break; Crazy Mama about women doing crimes; and Fighting Mad which pits farmers vs coal companies. What is the appeal of women’s prison movies? Literally what is Michael Richards doing all day? Can art be non-political nowadays? And what exactly makes Demme SO iconic that he’s such an influencer?[1]

Milestones and Ephemera[]


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