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Caroline Framke (@carolineframke on Twitter) is a culture writer and critic at Variety; formerly a staff writer at Vox, she has also written for several other publications including The Atlantic, NPR, The A.V. Club, Salon, and Vulture.

As a cultural critic, Caroline often writes about television-related topics. She is also known for gender commentary, particularly on the advent of the #MeToo movement and its cultural effects.

Caroline appeared on the Showgirls episode of Blank Check, enthralled as she was with the LGBT and gender issues displayed in the movie. She also related her unique experience of seeing the film for the first time, at a screening in an Los Angeles cemetery with the star of the movie Elizabeth Berkley as an introductory speaker. Can't beat that!


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# Title Audio Guest(s) Length Date Series
147 Showgirls 🔊 Caroline Framke 2:14 2/11/2018 Podship Casters
234 Kiki's Delivery Service 🔊 Caroline Framke 1:54 9/8/2019 Howl's Moving Podcastle