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Cast of the Podhicans (also known as Michael Mannsplaining) is a miniseries covering the films of Michael Mann. The miniseries began in May 2019.


Finally, the two friends get to one of David's favorite directors, and his dream miniseries subject: Michael Mann

Mann's career is definitely unusual. He starts out in television, makes some films that don't do so well, returns to television and redefines the crime drama genre with Miami Vice (a series he didn't actually direct a single episode of, but is still recognized as its auteur). Then he returns to film, makes some acclaimed movies that still are box office disappointments, becomes obsessed with digital film while it's still a very new technology, and seemingly ends his career (for now?) with one of the biggest bounces in recent memory.

Griffin and David acknowledge that at first glance, Michael Mann seems like a strange choice for the show. He rarely gets big budgets, and he never made a single guarantor to grant him check after check. However, Mann's personality and worldview shine through in each of his movies, and he has a masterful ability to convince the biggest stars to commit to his idiosyncratic vision over and over again.

How does Mann make things seem both realistic and super cool? How does his commitment to detail and admiration of expertise make its way into his work? Why are his films somehow simultaneously dated and ahead of their time? What makes Mann's manly characters so tough and yet so complex...and why are his female characters, admittedly, typically much less developed? Why does he keep re-editing all of his movies? Will he make another film? And what's the deal with The Keep?

This miniseries is preceded by the Podward Scissorcast miniseries on the films of Tim Burton. It is followed by the Howl's Moving Podcastle miniseries on the films of Hayao Miyazaki.

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • The Heat episode with Jon Gabrus held the podcast record for the longest episode (2 hr and 52 minutes) for just over a year until it was bested by Lucky Numbers. It has since moved further down the list since the 3-hour episode seal has been broken.
  • There is an infamous error in the Public Enemies episode.


# Title Audio Guest(s) Blank Check? Length Date
217 Thief πŸ”Š No 2:09 5/19/2019
218 The Keep πŸ”Š Alex Ross Perry No 2:48 5/26/2019
219 Manhunter πŸ”Š Chris Cabin
Eric Szyszka
No 2:12 6/2/2019
220 The Last of the Mohicans πŸ”Š Dana Stevens No 2:09 6/9/2019
221 Heat πŸ”Š Jon Gabrus Yes 2:52 6/16/2019
222 The Insider πŸ”Š Andy Levy Yes 2:31 6/23/2019
223 Ali πŸ”Š Jamelle Bouie Yes 2:19 6/30/2019
224 Collateral πŸ”Š Katey Rich No 1:51 7/7/2019
225 Miami Vice πŸ”Š Yes 2:44 7/14/2019
227 Public Enemies πŸ”Š Fran Hoepfner 1:31 7/28/2019
229 Blackhat πŸ”Š Bilge Ebiri 2:09 8/4/2019
Bonus Episode
228 Miami Vice - Pilot Episode πŸ”Š N/A 1:23 8/1/2019
Special Features
SF22 The Jericho Mailbag πŸ”Š N/A 2:05 6/10/2019
SF25 The Keep RPG πŸ”Š Angela Ferraguto
Alex Ross Perry
Emily Yoshida
N/A 2:34 7/11/2019

Ranking The Filmography[]

Rank Griffin David Blankies
1 Thief Heat Heat
2 Heat Miami Vice Collateral
3 The Insider The Insider The Insider
4 Manhunter Collateral Thief
5 Ali Thief Miami Vice
6 Collateral Manhunter Manhunter
7 Public Enemies Ali Ali
8 Blackhat The Last of the Mohicans The Last of the Mohicans
9 Miami Vice Blackhat Blackhat
10 The Last of the Mohicans Public Enemies Public Enemies
11 The Keep The Jericho Mile The Jericho Mile
12 The Jericho Mile The Keep The Keep