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Catch Me If You Can is episode 99 focusing on the movie of the same name, as part of the Pod Me If You Cast miniseries covering the filmography of Steven Spielberg's DreamWorks era. Posted March 10 2017.


This week, Griffin and David discuss 2002's coming of age scammer drama based on a true story: Catch Me If You Can.[1]

It's finally time to look at the titular movie for this miniseries, Catch Me If You Can.

Spielberg's second movie of the year, following up quickly on Minority Report. Not only that, but it was Leonardo DiCaprio's second movie of this week. In fact Gangs of New York was originally slated to come out the same DAY, so file away that tidbit for the Box Office Game in an hour and a half.

Confidence is a currency! That's the core of Griffin's Grand Unifying Theory of this movie, which he calls 'the most autobiographical movie Spielberg ever made.' All through the episode he lays the groundwork (to David's frustration) before hitting it home. Meanwhile there's plenty of talk about Christopher Walken's Oscar nomination, John Williams' surprisingly fresh score that shows he can do more than the grand epic themes he's known for, Amy Adams' first big movie role (though it's a delayed breakout), Tom Hanks' uncommon supporting turn, and important gameshow discussion!

At this point of his career, Spielberg seems to be doing movies with a melancholy undertone all of a sudden. Is the influence of his newer cinematographer Janusz Kaminski part of this Blue Period? Is this a weird kind of Christmas movie? Did Abagnale really pass the bar exam honestly? On rewatch, is this one of the best movies Spielberg's ever made?

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • Griffin's Walken impression: needs more reps
  • New Ben nickname: Close Personal Friend of Dan Lewis
  • A forgotten sitcom with a talking baby and a high-powered cast: "Baby Bob"
  • Ben's take: nothing matters
  • Niche reference for improv people: "He never made a Lloyd team."