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Chip Smith is a character played by David Sims.


Mr. Smith lives on the moon. Prior to moving to the moon, he was a journalist in Las Vegas. He was introduced in the Showgirls episode as a reporter for the Nude Reviews.

He appeared as a robot in the March Madness 2021 Recap - Round 3 episode, claiming responsibility for the presence of bots in the tournament. He gifted David Sims some weapons-grade plutonium as a baby gift. The bot informed the gang that Chip will never die.


Special Features[]

# Title Audio Guest(s) Length Date Series
SF11 March Madness 2019 Recap - Round 2 🔊 Unlisted: Chip Smith 0:18 3/19/2019
SF56 March Madness 2020 Recap - Round 4 🔊 Unlisted: Chip Smith 0:38 4/2/2020
SF90 March Madness 2021 Recap - Round 1 🔊 Unlisted:
Chip Smith
Ben Hosley
Marie Bardi
1:23 3/10/2021


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