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Christopher Paul Gethard is an American actor, comedian, and writer. He is the host of "The Chris Gethard Show," a talk show based in New York City since 2011. He's a hero of Griffin and David's. His trademark emotional frankness and empathy for 'weirdoes' is in ample evidence on his own shows and in his writing, as well as his guest appearances in other projects and on other shows.


Blank Check host Griffin Newman and Producer Ben Hosley first met while making the podcast Talkin' TCGS, later TCGS After Party, which was an after-show podcast affiliated with "The Chris Gethard Show." David Sims also gained podcasting experience as a guest host on those podcasts. See The Phantom Podcast page for more of the history with UCB that brought the three of them together to start up the Griffin and David Present podcast.

Chris was a Blank Check guest on the Performance Review 3.0 episode of Revenge Of The Podcast. As a devoted New York Knicks basketball fan, during that episode he made numerous basketball references in discussion with David (somewhat to the dismay of non-sportsfan Griffin) and demonstrated his love for the character of Kit Fisto the Jedi Knight. Chris later returned to the show to discuss As Good As It Gets, but in addition to talking about that movie #TheTwoFriends made sure to check in on Chris' thoughts about the Star Wars Sequels.


Main Feed[]

# Title Audio Guest(s) Length Date Series
29 Our Performance Review 3.0 🔊 Chris Gethard 1:43 10/30/2015 Revenge of The Podcast
159 As Good As It Gets 🔊 Chris Gethard 2:20 4/15/2018 Podcast News
207 Big Fish 🔊 Chris Gethard 2:31 3/10/2019 Podward Scissorcast

Special Features[]

# Title Audio Guest(s) Length Date Series
SF43 Marvel Performance Review Special 🔊 Chris Gethard 3:15 1/11/2020 MCU Commentaries