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For the follow-up episode, see Clifford 2: Hyper-Clifford

Clifford, also known as Grifford, is episode 110 and standalone episode and the fourth Ben's Choice. Posted 28 May 2017.


Our special episode this week: a discussion of 1994’s miscreant child portrayed by a grown man comedy, Clifford. Together, Griffin, David and Producer Ben examine Dinosaur World, sketch comedy movies, Martin Short and Charles Grodin’s careers and Producer Ben’s animated series. [1]

From the mind of Producer Ben...

This movie was a last-minute choice, as #TheTwoFriends first rejected the more Finest Film Critic proposals of Gummo and Bob Dylan: Don't Look Back before Ben made a desperation pass: "Well, I like that Clifford movie..." Note that the cult of Clifford has been fostered by "The Best Show," which is something Ben and his Jersey buddies have listened to for years, so shout-out to Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster.

In this movie, 40-something Martin Short plays a little boy. What? WTF is this movie?

Look, we the viewers can't do anything about it now, so we just have to soldier on. Does the movie somehow find visual ways to make the little kid thing bearable without looking completely stupid? Indeterminate-age Charles Grodin is his curmudgeonly uncle, and he is fine-tuning his on-screen persona of "crank." Mary Steenburgen is playing a 100% thankless role, and has to fend off little-boy Martin Short's amorous attentions (agh. AGH). And Dabney Coleman has a beard and a wig.

But back to the story at hand. What is Clifford - is he a bad kid, an agent of chaos in the mythical sense, a demon, the Devil?

Which jokes in this comedy have aged poorly? Why can't Charles Grodin just get to build a great LA transit system? And can this movie have some semblance of a happy ending?

As for Ben - oh boy, do we ever get some amazing insights into growin' up in Jersey. They've talked about a future animated series "Blank Check Babies" before, but now there might need to be a dedicated cartoon called "The Adventures of Young Ben." Possible storylines include Ben endlessly aggravating his dad, finding porn in the woods, starting trash fires, stealing Robitussin and drinking it all behind the Cost Cutters.

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • Genre of this movie, according to David: horror
  • Griffin's Hollywood Stories: Martin Short on set of "Mulaney," with the best-told joke Griff ever heard
  • Future Ben's Choice possibilities: King Ralph, or Major League
  • Bonus! A fan-edit ending to the episode. (credit to u/mi-16evil, moderator of the Blankies subreddit)
  • For bonus Grodin, check out The Heartbreak Kid episode.


Griffin: It is like Alien vs. Predator. Whoever wins, we lose.
David: I'm rootin' for Grodin. I'm sorry. I'm rootin' for Grodin.
Griffin: In the same way—
David: I want him to kill this kid.
Griffin: In the same way that I'm rooting for the Predator.
David: I want him to kill this kid and get away with it. That's what I want to happen. I think it's because I want him to build that transit system.
Griffin: I'll make a promise right here: if this show runs for 10 years, we'll do a Tom Shadyac miniseries.[2]


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