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A physical Comedy Points coin.

Comedy Points is a system of rules for distributing points to people, usually for saying something particularly witty or amusing. The system was originally developed by Griffin and his friends, including Sam Rogal, some years ago.


On Blank Check, Griffin will sometimes give comedy points to David or Ben, usually 3 or 5 at a time but sometimes reaching into the millions or even trillions.

Be warned, though: keeping track of the comedy points you've earned results in the loss of all comedy points. (That hasn't stopped u/radiantbaby123 from compiling an unofficial and unauthorized tally... search the Blankies reddit.)


In August 2020, physical comedy points coins were available for purchase in the Blank Check online shop.[1] The physical coin represents five comedy points, and One side of the coin features an image of #TheTwoFriends and the reverse has the number 5.


Comedy Points have been awarded many, many times through the life of the podcast and those instances are too numerous to list. However, the Comedy Point system has also featured several ad-hoc variants as the situation dictates. Currently the following other types of "points" are thought to have been given out by either David or Griffin at different times on-mic in the history of the show.

Many thanks to redditor u/ooojos for compiling the bulk of this listing.