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Commentary is episode 4 and the fourth part of the The Phantom Podcast miniseries. Posted 13 Apr 2015.


Joining Griffin and David for this episode is Connor Ratliff, the actor who plays the host of UCB East's "George Lucas Talk Show," to discuss the director's commentary special feature included with the initial DVD release of the Phantom Menace. Together they review what members of the production crew (including director George Lucas, producer Rick McCallum, sound designer Ben Burtt, animation director Rob Coleman and more) have to say about the filming of this movie and discover new evidence of what went wrong.

Do we agree Phantom is like the act one of a play or should the focus have been on making a better stand alone movie? Why is it revealing that 85% of the dialogue had to be ADR? Is reshooting 45 more minutes of footage a year later after principal photography not embarrassing? Could Phantom hold up as a silent film?

Also, Griffin talks merch where he spotlights Pepsi collectible soda cans and the golden Yoda, Connor’s fake Phantom Menace rumors that make it to Spin magazine, and what is the best joke in the film.

This episode marked the first time a guest was invited onto the podcast. It also marked the first time that a guest had some difficulty in maintaining the central bit of the show's first year, wherein the hosts maintained that they had only seen the Star Wars movies in order of the Episode numbers and were unaware of any Star Wars works beyond the movie under discussion. Get used to that!

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