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Connor Ratliff is a comedian and comic actor based in New York City.


Primarily he is associated with UCB East in New York, where he is a member of the longform improv comedy troupe The Stepfathers. He also performs regularly in the UCBT show ASSSSCAT 3000, and puts on a weekly show there in character as George Lucas, called "The George Lucas Talk Show." He was the subject of an article in The Village Voice, reacting to The Last Jedi in character.

He hosts a podcast called The 12 Hour Podcast, where he talks with J.D. Amato for the entire twelve hour duration of an episode. He also hosts the podcast Dead Eyes about being fired by Tom Hanks. He has had many past and future BC guests on the show including Chris Gethard, Alan Sepinwall, and Starlee Kine.

Connor is a former panelist at "The Chris Gethard Show," where he appeared in the very first televised episode of the show in 2011 on public access channel MNN, and many times afterward. He has run for President of the United States of America twice, in 2012 and 2016. Recently he has appeared on the television programs "The President Show," "Orange Is The New Black," and "Search Party" (also featuring Blank Check co-host Griffin Newman).

Connor has appeared on Blank Check both as himself in episode #004 Commentary of the miniseries The Phantom Podcast, and in character for episode #032 A Conversation With George Lucas. He can also be heard in character on #033 Watch With Us Live at Union Hall, the final episode of Revenge of the Podcast.


Main Feed[]

# Title Audio Guest(s) Length Date Series
4 Commentary 🔊 Connor Ratliff 1:24 4/13/2015 The Phantom Podcast
32 A Conversation with George Lucas 🔊 Connor Ratliff as George Lucas 1:03 11/23/2015 Revenge of The Podcast
33 Watch With Us Live @ Union Hall 🔊 Connor Ratliff as George Lucas 2:27 11/30/2015