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Count Dooku is episode 17 and the fifth part of the Attack of the Podcast miniseries, about Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones, posted 20 Jul 2015.


Griffin and David, together with special guest Morgan Evans (MTV), pick up where they left off last episode (right after Anakin murders men, women and children) and take you, the listener, off to the bug planet of Geonosis!

Together, they examine the revelation of Count Dooku, the comic fodder of C3PO, assembly line sequence antics, fighting beasts for entertainment, dark force lightning, and please remember everyone: pop-ups are for kids!

All in all it's a loopy episode. Like nearly every other guest, Morgan has to occasionally be lassoed into maintaining the bit where this is the last Star Wars movie ever made. Also, Griffin tries mightily to suppress the urge to impersonate the Neimoidians once more, especially when David lobs a nice big softball to him.

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • Q: Who is the Squidward in Star Wars?
  • A: Watto
  • Entrance fee to the Geonosian Colosseum: 3 bug coins
  • The origin of "Flubber"!