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David Rees (on Twitter, @david_rees) is a cartoonist, writer, artist, and television host.


He was the host of the acclaimed "Going Deep with David Rees" and the author of "How To Sharpen Pencils," which he wrote after the great success of his Artisanal Pencil Sharpening service in Brooklyn NY. Trivia note: while attending Oberlin College he lived just down the hall from NPR host and podcaster Linda Holmes.

David was a guest on the A.I. Artificial Intelligence episode of Blank Check. He talked about his appreciation of the dark sci-fi of the movie, whereas many critics and moviegoers of the time considered it to be cheesy Spielberg optimism.

He also was featured during the drop-in segment "TARS Talk" on the Interstellar episode of the show, where he had the opportunity to talk about his great appreciation for the unusual design and conception of the TARS and CASE robots in the movie. Even though the segment was named TARS Talk by #TheTwoFriends (after the popular drive-time radio show and podcast Car Talk), Rees said he preferred CASE and wouldn't mind if TARS' humor setting was set to 0%.

David is married to Emily Yoshida, thereby earning him the title "Stepfather of Blankies."


Main Feed[]

# Title Audio Guest(s) Length Date Series
97 A.I. Artificial Intelligence 🔊 David Rees 2:00 2/25/2017 Pod Me If You Cast
123 Interstellar 🔊 Unlisted: David Rees (drop-in segment) 2:18 8/27/2017 The Pod Knight Casts
237 Spirited Away 🔊 David Rees 2:42 9/29/2019 Howl's Moving Podcastle