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Denim Invasion Live @ DCM18 is episode 68 focusing on the 2002 Gap commercial entitled "Denim Invasion" as part of the We Pod A Cast miniseries covering the filmography of Cameron Crowe. The episode was recorded live at the 18th annual Del Close Marathon. Posted 26 Jul 2016.


Live from the 18th annual Del Close Marathon in New York City, John Trowbridge (Huffington Post) joins Griffin and David to discuss the Cameron Crowe directed, 2002 Gap commercial entitled “Denim Invasion.” What details can be drawn from this 40 second spot? How does it relate to Ashton Kutcher being fired from Elizabethtown? Where is the proto-flash mob running to? Also featuring surprise appearances from Murf Meyer and Diana Kolsky (Ménage à Trois Radio) for a Burger Report, as well as, director George Lucas (Star Wars) inserting his influence on all of popular culture. [1]

The ultimate Blank Check episode, in that it examines a 30 second piece of material and manages to make a 50 minute episode out of it. John Trowbridge joins Griffin and David to discuss this work, and he even takes a crack at Ben's nicknames! A respectable showing.

The year was 2002. Kate Beckinsale and Orlando Bloom, two lesser-known actors on the rise. Cameron Crowe, a well-known director at his peak. Gap Jeans, a brand looking to move some merchandise. What do you get? A commercial sensation sweeping the nation!

This 30-second tv spot hits all the Cameron Crowe auteurist buttons. It's widescreen. It's set to a classic rock song. It's very very white in every sense of the word. What more can #TheTwoFriends say about it? A lot more, as it turns out. The couple is walking down the street hand in hand, but where are these two coming from - brunch? Where are they heading to - another brunch? The crowd of people joining behind them - are they running after them or running with them? Did this couple just come from a makeout session, perhaps involving hand stuff? Join Griffin and David and a slew of live guests as they speculate irresponsibly, brave danger when an alarm goes off in the building, and hopefully avoid getting dragged into unwinnable arguments with George Lucas.

And Griffin brought dollar cheeseburgers, to make his own Burger Reports with the help of all the fame-o guests!

Milestones and Ephemera[]


Denim Invasion - Love is All Around


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