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Elizabethtown is episode 70 focusing on the movie of the same name, as part of the We Pod A Cast miniseries covering the filmography of Cameron Crowe. Posted 11 Aug 2016.


Blank Check returns to Cameron Crowe’s filmography with an in-depth discussion of 2005’s tragic comedy, Elizabethtown. But how would one best describe the custom exercise bike Bloom’s character outfits with knives? Would Marc Maron have been better suited for the lead role? Wait, Paula Deen is in this movie? Together, Griffin and David examine the careers of Kirsten Dunst and Alec Baldwin, writer Nathan Rabin’s coining of the term “manic pixie dream girl,” Ashton Kutcher’s previous involvement in the project and the proper regional pronunciation of Louisville, Kentucky. [1]

A shoe worth negative one billion dollars

Failure, or fiasco? Griffin and David investigate the first Cameron Crowe film to be regarded as something other than a success, critically or popularly.

Acting with an American accent here, and coming off his dynamic 30-second performance in Denim Invasion, here's Orlando Bloom! He sounds like a tugboat in a Nick Jr. cartoon and cannot emote - and he was a replacement for Ashton Kutcher who had been let go after filming started because the chemistry just was not working at all. Crowe was known to cast his actors remarkably well before now, and suddenly he went catastrophically 0-2 on this one role. What happened here? The script isn't that much different conceptually from Jerry Maguire, so... what happened here? The shoe that the main character designed.... lost a billion dollars? What happened there?

Looking back from a time when the phenomenon has been called out, is it intolerable to watch a Manic Pixie Dream Girl inexplicably try and rescue a broken guy that is just giving her nothing? What happened to Kirsten Dunst after this job - did this experience affect her career and life paths? When is Judy Greer going to get a star vehicle worthy of her?

Producer Ben is on FIRE in this episode, hitting line-drive jokes all over the ballpark. It even leads to a new nickname...two if you count the very first mention of Dan Lewis (it took a long time for that to resurface).

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • Ben's name for the bespoke self-harm contraption in the film: The Suicycle.
  • Ben's Gripe: sick of the viewpoint in Crowe movies, which is always from some upperclass white guy being mopey.
  • 12-year-old Griffin: "Ladies and Jellybeans: New York's Cutest Comic."
  • What is the proper pronunciation of 'Louisville?'
  • Eating on-mic: ayup, Griffin in the studio with a bagel
  • New Ben nickname: White-Hot Benny
  • "Someday we'll do our big Gore Verbinski miniseries. Pod Verbincast." "Yeah that's not bad. Podrates of the Castibbean?" "Pretty good, pretty good! We gotta do it, now."
  • :Alec Baldwin as host of Match Game: "I cannot recommend it enough... he has just stopped pretending that he's not a miserable mean person."
  • the saddest song in the world, to Griffin: "Moon River"


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