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Emily St. James, known professionally as Emily VanDerWerff, is a culture writer based in Los Angeles.[1] Currently she is the Critic-at-Large for Vox; previously she was the TV Editor for The A.V. Club and wrote for several newspapers. Her writing has appeared in many other outlets including Slate, Grantland, the Los Angeles Times, the Guardian, and more. 


Emily hosted the podcast TV On The Internet (TVOTI -- formerly her twitter handle) together with her wife and fellow critic, Libby Hill. She currently hosts the weekly podcast I Think You're Interesting on the Vox podcasting network, where she interviews both well-known and more obscure figures from the worlds of the arts, entertainment, and pop culture. Her latest podcast is Primetime about the relationship between the real world and the world of television. 

David Sims and Griffin Newman have both made appearances on Emily's podcast: David to talk about the best summer movies of the 2000's, and Griffin to count down the top five superhero movie performances

Emily was a guest on the Munich episode of Pod Me If You Cast. She was David's compatriot at The A.V. Club so David was well aware of Emily's fondness for the 2005 Spielberg film. David and Emily have known each other for well over a decade dating back to Oscar speculation message boards in the early 2000's, so the 2006 Best Picture race made for a good entry point to discuss that Serious Spielberg movie.

Emily was also a guest on the Alice in Wonderland episode of Podward Scissorcast for the opposite reasons as her appearance on Munich, as she has a deep distaste for Alice in Wonderland. David was aware of her distaste for the film due to St. James using a clip from the film showing the Futterwacken to troll people on online message boards and chat groups. She spent much of the episode talking about her reasons for disliking the film and her vast knowledge of the Tim Allen sitcom Last Man Standing.


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# Title Audio Guest(s) Length Date Series
103 Munich 🔊 Emily VanDerWerff 1:35 4/9/2017 Pod Me If You Cast
210 Alice in Wonderland 🔊 Emily VanDerWerff 2:08 3/31/2019 Podward Scissorcast
252 The Silence of the Lambs 🔊 Emily VanDerWerff 2:40 1/12/2020 Stop Making Podcasts
302 A Christmas Carol 🔊 Emily VanDerWerff 2:35 12/13/2020 Podcast Away
341 The Thing 🔊 Emily VanDerWerff 2:46 9/12/2021 They Podcast


  1. Emily St. James. @emilyvdw, Jan 12, 2022. Twitter. Retrieved on March 1, 2022. “I haven’t changed it professionally yet, because what a pain, but I’m starting to go by Emily St. James on a personal basis. I don’t think of Emily VanDerWerff as a “dead name” or anything. If you call me that, I won’t be offended. But I need a new last name. So now you know!”