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Esther Zuckerman (@ezwrites on Twitter) is a freelance writer and entertainment editor with credits on The A.V. Club and The Atlantic. During her time as editor at The Atlantic, she and David Sims bonded over discussions of lunches and prospective lunches, and often saw films together at critics' screenings.

Esther was a guest for the Aloha episode of Blank Check. She expressed frequent and justifiable distaste for Cameron Crowe's casting decisions in the movie, which were particularly infuriating for the way he seemed to avoid casting actors of color even when the role asked for or indeed demanded it.

During the James L. Brooks miniseries Podcast News, Esther guested on the duology of I'll Do Anything episodes - discussing both the the official release of the film and the bootlegged doomed musical cut. It was a lot to ask of a guest to come back for a second episode on that one, but even as everyone in the room discovered that somehow they all disliked the musical version even more, she bore the burden with aplomb.

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