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F9: Our Return to Theaters is episode 109 of Blank Check: Special Features, and is a recap and recording of the return to Da Moviesh.


On June 25, 2021 the BC crew hosted a private screening of F9 at Alamo Drafthouse in Downtown Brooklyn. In attendance were many friends of the show. You could say people who are part of the extended Blank Check family. This special episode captures the excitement of that day.

A return to da moviesh.

Plus, months later, Griffin, David, and Ben follow-up about their experiences and discuss The Fast Saga franchise.

Produced by: Jordan Allyn
Editing by: Jordan Allyn and Alex Barron
Outro music by: Gus O’Connor

Featured voices: (2:12 - 6:51) Emma Stefansky
(6:52 - 7:21) Alanna Okun + Brendan Klinkenberg
(7:21 - 7:57) Nelly Calhoun
(8:22 - 8:41) Ramona Head
(8:41 - 8:47) Marie Bardi
(8:47 - 9:01) Jake Lemon Strauss + Alex Perlin
(9:01 - 9:47) Ramona Head + Layne Montgomery
(9:47 - 12:56) Clare R. + Lucy R.
(12:56 - 15:58) Patrick Willems
(15:59 - 17:39) Ramona Head + J.D. Amato
(17:51 - 20:02) James Wade + Marie Bardi + Ramona Head
(20:02 - 23:30) Ramona Head + J.D. Amato + Layne Montgomery
(23:30 - 27:49) Marie Bardi +J.D. Amato
(28:00 - 29:47) Ray Tintori + Marie Bardi [1]

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • Recorded June 25, 2021, right after Griffin's gallbladder removal. He recorded an Ira Glass-esque voice over for the documentary portion.
  • Griffin ranked F9 as the 10th best movie of the year at The Seventh Annual Blank Check Awards.


Daddy's gotta go to work.gif
Griffin: [voice over] I did the gif of The Rock breaking the cast off his arm, saying "Daddy's gotta go to work," and leaving the hospital. But in reality what was happening to me was a gif of me very tenderly putting on a sweater trying not to hurt my tummy, and then grampa-shuffling out of a hospital while pocketing as many Jell-o cups as I could.
David: He says he's coming.
Ben: No, he's not coming.
David: You don't think he's coming?
Ben: No.
Nelly: I actually think he is coming, and that's a sign he that he should not come.
David: He said, "Twist I'm discharged. Will be late." You saw these.
Ben: I haven't looked at my phone.
David: Oh. "But, daddy's gotta go to work." And then he posted The Rock taking off the cast in Furious 7. We're all a little concerned. He's fine, apparently. He assures us he's fine.
Griffin: [voice over] I mean, fine is a relative concept, you have to understand. I was fine enough. Certainly I think people were worried. My friend Sophie had to come to the hospital to sign me out. They wouldn't discharge me on my own. And she strongly advised me against going to the movie and said "Are you sure?" And I then had to show her a gif of The Rock flexing a cast and saying "Daddy's gotta go to work." I was very consistent in my messaging.


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