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Talking Fanfare is episode 88 of Blank Check: Special Features. Posted February 11, 2021.


Back by popular demand, Griffin, David, and Ben return to explore beyond the major studios in part 2 of talking fanfare! Special guest the Fanfare Burglar. And more original BCP pitches.

Reference this companion playlist and listen along.[1]

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • This episode doesn't really feature any movie-specific variants. They touch on several fanfares they've talked about during the podcast including Dreamworks, Studio Ghibli, Pixar, and Scott Free,
  • The episode contains a temporal pincer movement, referencing a future episode.
  • Ben describes some more Blank Check Pictures fanfare:
    • "We see a vat, chains submerged in purple goop. Chains are raised and we see a dripping knife and the handle says Blank Check Pictures."
    • "Orchestral music with timpani heavily featured. Guy climbs into a cannon with a lit fuse. Cannon goes off, he's shot into the clouds. The camera rises and we now see his body fly by a floating golden burger statue where Blank Check Pictures has been incorporated as parts of the burger." The guy does puncture a hole in the picture, into which the camera zooms to start the movie.
    • "I was thinking too, 'What's the opposite of clouds?' Sewers! Down the drain we go, twisting through pipes. We see a light at the end of the wet tunnel. The rush of water settles and a broke dirty doll floats into the screen. The scene transforms into an illustration of the doll's face and it says Blank Check Pictures."
  • Griffin suggested calling the episode "Talking Fanfare 2: Monsters Unleashed" which David says would be apt because they talked quite a bit about Weinstein.


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