Episode #010

The tenth and sort-of final part of the The Phantom Podcast miniseries. Posted 26 May 2015.


All great investigations must at some point come to an end, and the case study of the Phantom Menace has (finally) reached its conclusion. But the show will continue on - stay tuned at the end to find out where #TheTwoFriends will go next!

Listen in as hosts Griffin and David share some last thoughts, read and play clips of fans' own interpretations, and even Produer Ben shares some of his own #hottakes.

Also, Griffin unveils a surprise item in this week’s merch corner (!!!!!!), listeners endure the tragedy of the recording studio's microphones being unable to pick up certain sounds they longed to hear, what to look forward to in future episodes of Griffin and David Present, and lastly an astonishing revelation about the Star Wars saga is uncovered.

Milestones and Ephemera

  • Chapstick: Applied
  • Number of McG references so far: like two maybe?
  • Merchandise Spotlight!

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