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The Five-Timers Club refers to guests who have appeared in 5 episodes on the main feed. The catchphrase for the club is "It's tough to make the five."


Currently the members, in order of when they joined the Club:

  1. Emily Yoshida
  2. Richard Lawson
  3. J.D. Amato
  4. Katey Rich
  5. Joe Reid
  6. David Ehrlich
  7. Alex Ross Perry
  8. Emily VanDerWerff

Katey Rich and Emily VanDerWerff are the only members of the club who has never appeared on a Blank Check: Special Features episode.

Other Members[]

While not guests on the show, several actors have appeared in 5 (or more) films across different miniseries covered by the podcast.

Double Digits Club[]

In the Welcome to Marwen episode, Emily Yoshida made her 10th main feed appearance and thus became the first person to join the Double Digits Club.