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Fran Hoepfner (@franhoepfner on Twitter) is a writer and stand-up comedian.


She is from Chicago but currently lives in the New York area working on an MFA at Rutgers. She has been Associate Video Director at The Onion, written often about classical music for The Awl (R.I.P.) and WEXP, and about movies for Bright Wall/Dark Room where she is an Editor at Large.

Fran was a guest on the Aliens episode of Blank Check. She cited Aliens as one of her favorite movies and as a point of connection with her mother who is also a fan of the film and female led sci-fi movies. In that episode she also coined the nickname Big Chicago for actor Michael Shannon.

After her first Blank Check appearance got hosannas and great ratings, Fran finally returned to the show two and a half years later to talk about Nancy Meyers' The Holiday, which she stood in defense of while asking, "Is John Krasinski.... in The Holiday.... the Adam Driver of Lincoln.... of 2006?"


Main Feed[]

# Title Audio Guest(s) Length Date Series
77 Aliens 🔊 Fran Hoepfner 2:09 10/1/2016 Podinator: Judgment Cast
190 The Holiday 🔊 Fran Hoepfner 2:26 11/4/2018 Something's Podda Cast
227 Public Enemies 🔊 Fran Hoepfner 1:31 7/28/2019 Cast of the Podhicans
310 The Great Mouse Detective 🔊 Fran Hoepfner 2:20 2/7/2021 The Poddle Mercast