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Frankenweenie is episode 16 of Blank Check: Special Features focusing on the movie of the same name, as part of the Podward Scissorcast miniseries covering the films of Tim Burton. Posted April 11, 2019.


Editor and filmmaker, Jordan Fish, joins Griffin and David to discuss 2012's Frankenweenie![1]

In addition to talk about the movie, the episode provides some insight into Robert and Ellen Hosley. When Ben informed his father that he had buried jeans in the yard of his childhood home, he suggested "Tea Tees" -- aka shirts soaked in tea.

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • 2019: David's gonna get hot.
  • Includes camp talk
  • 3 Comedy Points for Franken-jeanie
  • Griffin, Jordan, and Ray Tintori are the three people keeping 3D home releases in business. They're the "Three 3D Brothers of NYC."


DAVID: Look, Frankenweenie. Which is the only one directed by Tim Burton only--
GRIFFIN: --Solely. This is the one...
DAVID: So he didn't have a patsy for this one who's actually doing all the work?
GRIFFIN: No! This is the one he seems to have been really hands-on with.
DAVID: Woof.