Griffin and David smiling and sitting across from one another, each wearing headphones and sitting in front of a microphone.

The old days, recording in a broom closet. No guests shown, as the hosts plus a guest would not leave enough space to also fit the camera.

The hosts frequently invite friends, writers, artists, entertainers, and others who are enthusiastic to talk about films to be featured guests on episodes of the podcast. Alphabetically, the following people have made guest appearances on Blank Check.

Featured Guests List[edit | edit source]

Guests are listed alphabetically by last name. "SF" indicates a Blank Check: Special Features episode.

Guest Appearances
Demi Adejuyigbe
Lux Alptraum
J.D. Amato
Scott Aukerman
Miriam Bale
Sarah-Violet Bliss
Jamelle Bouie
Jonathan Braylock
Rebecca Bulnes
Nicole Byer
Chris Cabin
Michael Cerveris
Justin Charity
Preeti Chhibber
K. Austin Collins
Michelle Collins
Olivia Craighead
Valorie Curry
Mike Drucker
Rebecca Drysdale
Caitlin Durante
Bilge Ebiri
Ayo Edebiri
David Ehrlich
Morgan Evans
Angela Ferraguto
Like Ben Hosley, Ang has become a regular contributor. She is a listed guest on these episodes:
Bobby Finger
Jordan Fish
Caroline Framke
Jon Gabrus
Joe Garden
Chris Gethard
Josh Gondelman
Karen Han
Ramona Head
Ashleigh Heaton
Dan Hernandez
John Hodgman
Fran Hoepfner
Jordan Hoffman
James III
Andrew Jupin
Elliott Kalan
Adam Kempenaar
Lola Kirke
Alejandro Kolleeny
Diana Kolsky
Peter Labuza
Rachel Lang
Josh Larsen
Richard Lawson
Elena Lazic
Mani Lazic
Jamie Lee
Andy Levy
Shirley Li
Jamie Loftus
David Lowery
George Lucas
Jason Mantzoukas
Dan McCoy
Griffin McElroy
Justin McElroy
Travis McElroy
Murf Meyer
Jerah Milligan
Chase Mitchell
Mike Mitchell
Layne Montgomery
James Newman
Peter Newman
Romilly Newman
Amy Nicholson
Matt Patches
Louis Peitzman
Alex Ross Perry
Kevin T. Porter
Connor Ratliff
David Rees
Joe Reid
Katey Rich
Joanna Robinson
Sam Rogal
Charles Rogers
Matt Rogers
Josh Ruben
Sara Rubin
Mike Ryan
Stephen Sajdak
Benji Samit
Rachel Sanders
Sonia Saraiya
Paul Scheer
Dana Schwartz
Jourdain Searles
Peter Serafinowicz
Joey Sims
Matt Singer
Seaton Smith
Emma Stefansky
Dana Stevens
Eric Szyszka
Carl Tart
Ray Tintori
Paul F. Tompkins
Julio Torres
John Trowbridge
Emily VanDerWerff
Pilot Viruet
Lulu Wang
Lindsey Weber
Chris Weitz
Stuart Wellington
Nick Wiger
Patrick Willems
Alison Willmore
Bowen Yang
Emily Yoshida
Esther Zuckerman

Guests Statistics[edit | edit source]

Producer Ben and David Sims in sexy lighting.

Nineteen guests have made more than 3 appearances on Blank Check podcasts. Once a guest has made five appearances on the main feed they join the Five-Timers Club. Additionally the numbers reflect number of episodes released, thus Titanic Parts I and II are counted as two appearances.

Four guests have appeared on Patreon episodes but have not made an appearance on a main feed episode. They are Jordan Fish, Ramona Head, Alejandro Kolleeny, and Peter Newman.

Guest Main Feed Appearances Patreon Appearances Total Appearances
Emily Yoshida 10 3 13
Richard Lawson 8 1 9
J.D. Amato 6 2 8
Joe Reid 5 2 7
Katey Rich 7 0 7
Alex Ross Perry 5 3 8
David Ehrlich 5 1 6
Angela Ferraguto 4 2 6
Bobby Finger 4 0 4
Chris Gethard 3 1 4
Emma Stefansky 3 1 4
Esther Zuckerman 3 1 4
Bilge Ebiri 3 0 3
Fran Hoepfner 3 0 3
Romilly Newman 3 0 3
Emily VanDerWerff 3 0 3
Pilot Viruet 3 0 3
John Hodgman 2 1 3
Sonia Saraiya 2 1 3
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