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I Wanna Hold Your Hand is episode 288 focusing on the 1978 film of the same name, and the first of the Podcast Away miniseries on the films of Robert Zemeckis. Posted September 6, 2020.


Your March Madness winner series has arrived! Chosen by the listeners, our latest subject is Robert Zemeckis, a Hollywood hitmaker who gives us plenty to cover. But before we get to Forrest Gump and Back To The Future, we're starting with 1978's I Wanna Hold Your Hand, which centers on a group of girls sneaking into the Beatles games Ed Sullivan show performance.

Patrick Willems (@patrickhwillems) helps us kick it all off as we talk iconic dork performances, the best Beatles movies, and the confidence in this directorial debut.[1]

Milestones and Ephemera[]


Ben: The thing about the Beatles though is that it's your parents' music.
David: SHUT THE FUCK UP. I'M GONNA KILL YOU BEN. Where are you? Are you in your apartment?
Ben: Yes.
David: You're close. I'm gonna walk over there.


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