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In A Galaxy Far Far Away is episode 1 and first part of the The Phantom Podcast miniseries. Posted 23 Mar 2015.


The year was 1999. It had been twenty-two years since George Lucas last directed a feature film. Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace was highly anticipated. But then why did the majority of audiences and critics hate it so much?

Sixteen years later, Griffin Newman and David Sims started this podcast with one question in mind: "what is The Phantom Menace REALLY about?" Here in their debut episode, the hosts set out to solve the mystery by beginning their investigation with the first eight minutes of the movie. Join them as we meet Jedi's Qui-Gon Jinn and protegé Obi-Wan Kenobi, the very sexual TC-14, learn about the trade federation and get some insight into how a fourteen year old girl could be elected queen of a planet. Also, Griffin talks merch where he spotlights the CommTech Communicator that made action figures talk.

The hosts set the ground rules early, establishing the conceit that The Phantom Menace was the only Star Wars movie ever made. If anyone were to refer to other Star Wars movies, they could be docked points (accompanied by an hilarious sound effect, they hope). For his part, producer Ben Hosley wields that power judiciously during the recording. Also within the episode, the movie The Judge is mentioned as "one of the craziest movies I have ever seen," foreshadowing the standalone episode Judging The Judge which was recorded at the conclusion of the first Phantom Menace miniseries.

So, what is the film about?  Perhaps it's about a non-stop thrill ride as two Jedis try to make it home while defending their lives, and hopefully in the process expose the naked corruption that's happening within the Trade Federation.  Tune in next time to investigate further!


  • Ben Hosley Nickname Added: Producer Ben
  • Ben Hosley Nickname that didn't stick: Pizza-doer Ben
  • David Sims Nickname that didn't stick: David "A+" Sims
  • Does Griffin eat on mic? No.... not yet
  • Does David mention he grew up in England? Yes (The Phantom Menace was rated "U" there)
  • Merchandise Spotlight! (Reffered to as "Merchandise Corner" in this episode)
  • Scoring: David loses one point for mentioning 'Strange Magic'.

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