Inception is episode 120 focusing on the movie of the same name, as part of the The Pod Knight Casts miniseries covering the filmography of Christopher Nolan. Posted 6 Aug 2017.

Summary[edit | edit source]

"Griffin and David present a very special episode on 2010’s dream heist, Inception."[1]

It's a podcast within a podcast. But still we have to go deeper; plug in, David! Hold on, the podcast is collapsing!

It is likely that this is the episode treatment that Producer Ben pitched this miniseries with. The Pro-doer gets his chance to go Hoz-Hog-wild with the post-production on this one, with voice effects, samples, soundtrack, background ambience, and of course:


This is a blank check movie. For Nolan, it's a passion project with personal meaning; in this case a plot that functions as an analogy for the filmmaking process itself. But Nolan, he's earning more blank checks with his blank check - this movie was a huge hit. And Griffin and David know it's sweaty, as if it's a script written by a 12-year-old and directed by a master craftsman. The first half is like an instruction manual. But if you buy in, the last hour is like a grand symphony.

Can #TheTwoFriends go all the way into unconstructed podcast space and return with a cogent analysis? Is the Pussy Posse in effect? Is Tom Hardy the best actor in this movie? Is the dreamlike CGI effective? And of course: at the end, is this the real life or is this just fantasy?

Milestones and Ephemera[edit | edit source]

  • Cillian Murphy's blender: his wallet
  • "Screaming, and colors, and people melting...": Ben's dreams
  • MVP of the film: Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer - Time (Inception) (Coachella 2017, 04-23-2017)

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