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Interstellar is an episode focusing on the movie of the same name, as part of the The Pod Knight Casts miniseries covering the filmography of Christopher Nolan. Posted August 27 2017.


Asterisk mode! TARS is amazing. Or is it CASE?

This week, a tired Griffin and a rested David discuss 2014’s time traveling space odyssey, Interstellar. But how are gravity and love intertwined? Is spinning during space travel the new normal? How is Spielberg involved in this film? Together they examine Matthew McConaughey’s performance, the tesseract’s design, Griffin shares Ellen Burstyn stories and introducing a special segment ‘TARS talk’ with past and future guest David Rees! [1]

It's David's favorite film of the decade: 2014 Christopher Nolan's Interstellar. #TheTwoFriends get together to discuss it... and with every word he speaks, a hoarse Griffin reminds us that no one should ever make a TV show (or, more accurately, promote a TV show).

On topic: this may have simultaneously been Matthew McConaughey's finest performance and the end of his comeback (the so-called McConaissance). As Coop, did he figure out how to express every emotion straight from his face to the camera? What is the one word that David can use as an entry point into a pretty good, though limited, McConaughey impression? 

How was Spielberg involved early on with this film? Why did Matt Damon decide to do two movies in a row about being stranded on another planet while awaiting rescue from Jessica Chastain? (Unlike The Martian, this one's not a comedy.) Why did Coop's son's voice go up an octave after he grew up? Are TARS and CASE the coolest things ever in the history of the universe? Full Asterisk Mode!

Together David and Griffin examine the tesseract’s design, discuss theories of gravitation and love, Griffin shares Ellen Burstyn stories, and everyone talks about the best moments of "Arrested Development" Season 2.

Stay tuned mid-episode for a special segment ‘TARS talk’ with past and future guest David Rees!

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • Former coworker of David's at The Wire magazine: Joe Reid
  • Indoor kids at arts camp: Griffin and his school friend Derek
  • Giving himself comedy points for the act of giving himself comedy points: Griffin. This is through-the-wormhole interdimensional stuff here.
  • Videos of people talking about their Criterion collections: Griffin's favorite ASMR
  • "Griffin?" "Yes?" "Try silence."


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