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James III (that's James the Third) is an actor and writer originally from Akron, Ohio. He co-hosts the podcast Black Men Can't Jump [In Hollywood] with Jerah Milligan and Jonathan Braylock. He has developed content for Comedy Central Digital and Hearst Digital/Seriously.TV. He can be found on Twitter, @james3rdcomedy.


James was on the After Earth episode of Blank Check. He was on the pod due to his professed expertise on Will Smith, who is a frequent subject of his own podcast, Black Men Can't Jump [in Hollywood], which often deep-dives into media portrayals of African-Americans. He was also featured on the Detroit episode of Blank Check, together with his two co-hosts from BMCJIH, which turned the endeavor into a real crossover episode.


Main Feed[]

# Title Audio Guest(s) Length Date Series
33 Watch With Us Live @ Union Hall 🔊 Connor Ratliff
Unlisted: James III
2:27 11/30/2015 Revenge of the Podcast
49 After Earth 🔊 James III 1:38 3/25/2016 Pod Night Shyamacast
136 Detroit 🔊 Jonathan Braylock
Jerah Milligan
James III
1:51 11/19/2017 Pod-19: The Widowcaster
315 The Princess and the Frog 🔊 James III 2:25 3/14/2021 The Poddle Mercast