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James "Jamesy" Newman is from New York City. He is the younger brother of Blank Check co-host Griffin Newman, who sometimes on the show has referred to him by his childhood nickname of "Jamesy." Even more info about his name: James' middle name at birth was Myron, but around age 5 his mother decided it should be Milo instead. Today he is James Milo Newman and uses that name officially and on social media.


James grew up as the athlete in the family, and even trained for the Golden Gloves boxing tournament at one point. According to Griffin and James their father Peter 'Pistol Pete' Newman worked in the film industry but really wanted to work in sports in some capacity, so James and his father connected through their mutual passion for athletics. Later James was part of the cast of the MTV series "Skins," which was in fact his first foray into acting.

James appeared in the Blank Check episode on Space Jam, which was the movie that he and Griffin agreed most on during their childhoods - because it's a midpoint in some ways between the worlds of films/cartoons and sports. Truly this was a Family Choice selection. During the episode it was noted that he is a New York Knicks fan, like David Sims. James is also a big fan of the Tennessee Volunteers college sports teams, for unknown reasons.


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# Title Audio Guest(s) Length Date Series
185 Space Jam 🔊 James Newman 2:14 9/30/3018 Family Choice
334 Space Jam: A New Legacy 🔊 James Newman 2:50 7/25/2021 Family Choice