Jamie Lee (@TheJamieLee on Twitter, @reallyjamielee on Instagram) is a standup comedian, actor, and author. She wrote the book Weddiculous: The Unfiltered Guide to Being a Bride, and currently she is a writer and lead actress on the HBO series "Crashing."

Griffin Newman has been a fan of Jamie's ever since he saw her do a brilliant standup set under difficult circumstances at Just For Laughs in Montreal -- which incidentally was also the place where Griffin's reach first exceeded his grasp, so to speak, in his own early standup pursuits.

Jamie loves Nancy Meyers' movies -- says she's always front and center in opening weekend lines for them -- so she was excited to be a Blank Check guest for the miniseries Something's Podda Cast discussing The Intern. In addition to trying to puzzle out why studios seemed to cool on Nancy projects after It's Complicated (despite it being a hit and making money!), Jamie also came up with a pitch for a new Nancy Meyers-directed movie that she would love to star in. Look for The Long Filing in the future, under the banner of Blank Check Pictures.

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