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Jourdain Searles is a critic, comedian, and podcaster. She hosts the Bad Romance Podcast.


She appeared on the episodes for the films Beloved and The Secret Life of Bees.


Main Feed[]

# Title Audio Guest(s) Length Date Series
254 Beloved 🔊 Jourdain Searles 2:08 1/26/2020 Stop Making Podcasts
285 The Secret Life of Bees 🔊 Jourdain Searles 2:30 8/16/2020 Pod & Basketcast
324 Poetic Justice 🔊 Jourdain Searles 2:25 5/16/2021 Podz n the Cast
363 In the Cut 🔊 Jourdain Searles 2:20 2/20/2022 The Podcastiano