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Jupiter Ascending is episode 59 focusing on the movie of the same name, as part of the The Podchowski Casters miniseries covering the filmography of the Wachowskis. Posted May 27, 2016.


This week Griffin and David discuss the Wachowski’s most recent theatrical release, 2015’s intergalactic sci-fi, Jupiter Ascending. What is the Wachowski’s latest innovation in this film? Why make the very attractive Channing Tatum look like a dog? Is the original universe in this story at all logical? Listen along as they discuss space rollerblades, the parallel with Alice in Wonderland, Terry Gilliam’s costuming and Eddie Redmayne’s outstanding performance as the whispering villain Balem Abrasax. Plus, Griffin talks the Tick, box office stats and a reading from a listener submitted book report covering M. Night Shyamalan’s novel on the American education system. [1]

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